Monday, 14 September 2015

Why start a blog?

The internet provides encouragement for a lot of individuals. With the sense of anonymity, you are able to be true to yourself and explore the different talents and interests that you have. 

The internet is a forgiving place. If you have interests different than your friends, you can honestly and openly enjoy them. You can explore your options within a community who commend difference and individuality. 

Whether you're a bookworm or a fashionista, you can create a space for you to learn, discuss and educate others about your interest. You can conceptualise ideas and share your passion with other people. You can become your own teacher and provide support to others in whatever field it is you love. 

A blog can be...

- a space for self-exploration and self-actualisation.
- a world of connectivity with others
- a space of acceptance, encouragement and support
- a space where you are able to show your talents
- a space to record your achievements, abilities, thoughts, feelings, wishes, dreams...

The list goes on and on.

A blog is anything you want it to be.
A diary. A sketchbook. A cookbook. A clothing magazine. A forum of debate.

My blog is going to be...

A space for documentation. Whether that be, what I had for tea last night or a post about my favourite clothing pieces at the moment or even advice about certain aspects of everyday life. 

I have a number of writing journals that store drawings, daily inputs, ideas for home decor, task organisation and so on... I'm happy with those. But I thought it was time to take my ideas and put them on a platform available for others to read. After all, the internet is such a fun place!

I hope it will be a space for inspiration. There are hundreds of blogs out there that I find inspiration from on a daily basis. I hope to do the same for even just one person out there.

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